Ivan Ganev Website

Hi there! 👋 Welcome to my website.
My name is Ivan Ganev, I am a web developer from Moscow.

I am currently working as a senior frontend developer at SberCloud - SberBank cloud provader.

My main way of interacting with the world is Twitter 😅. Follow me, I write about web3, blockchain development, smart contracts, etc.

You can also find me on GitHub. All of my open source projects are there.

Old school: ganevio92@gmail.com

Ethereum: 0x0a830b25fa44b84dEc9E5EEE3A044E40caB460B1
Solana: 2G2GRgM8bvMbvR7xUoHfBNtunPe8rpp6ey2y1wWV9UYr